Start Wearing the Purple: The Bronx Royalty.

This is some sort of strange thank you note to The Baron Ambrosia, The Fornal-Small family and the wide net of collaborators and friends of Fornal Films. I am thanking this group of people, who leaded by the Baron Ambrosia manage to stir the silent fire inside the creative minds of the Bronx and make many magical things happen.

The inspiration of the note came because last Saturday 11/2/2013 in company of Kick-ass-Bass John Chapman I had the pleasure of singing at the premiere of the movie “Baron Ambrosia is Dead” at the Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx. We had decided to play this gig because it was the least we could do for our favorite Bronx Hero: Justin Fornal, a.k.a The Baron Ambrosia. We donated our music, not only because he is one of our best friends but also because we believe that Justin is a great role model on bravery, perseverance, dedication and just the right amount of crazy. We admire his loyalty and his balls to make things happen, even if that means inventing an opportunity from a situation of scarcity. Of course we had to play at his Premiere!

Justin Fornal’s alter ego, The Baron Ambrosia has also earned our most honest admiration and respect. First for his shamelessness and wittiness but mainly for being a character that openly stands for the Bronx. He stands with pride for the goodness of the forgotten borough, the Bx’s artists, it’s culture, it’s food and the good people that live there.

Speaking for myself, I am a quite lucky woman for I have very good good good great friends and one of them is the Culinary Ambassador of la Sabrosura of the Bronx, Mr. Justin Fornal, a.k.a. The Baron Ambrosia and his family. To my friend and his family, thank you for making the magic happening!

Before I leave you with my special compilation memories with the Ambrosia team (below) Many special thanks to Amanda and Kim for always taking amazing photos! VISIT the man itself at or check Bronx Flavor at Bronx Net, also at NYC Tv or check him out at The Culinary Adventures of the Baron Ambrosia at the Cooking Channel if willing to salivate like a Pavlov Dog.

Below a compilation of some cool moments with our Bronx hero.

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