So Sick of Love Songs.

ImageI am a hopeless romantic. I love men and I love Passion. I also love music but God knows I would also love to have more variety when it comes to lyrics on songs. That being said, this blog entry is about how I am fed up with lovesongs. Is one of the ways I advocate for more realism and variety when it comes to lyrics.

Most of the popular songs of the last two decades in both English and Spanish are either of radical romance or radical hate. While I am lover in the whole sense of the word, I absolutely prefer songs of radical hate because at least they are not lame and tend to have some real character and fire.

I really wish there were more tunes with strong personalities written for lovers with who have their feet on the ground. I wish there were more songs about free love! Why not? How about chants in honor of passions that have reached maturity by surviving beyond six months?! How about anthems for a love that is healthy, shameless, witty and independent, or songs that say I can love you, but I love myself first instead of  so many “sin ti me moriré” (without you I would die… quite popular in Spanish) kind of phrases. I am hungry for tunes that promote awareness that the honeymoon period one day will be over.

I know… the theme of love sells and the illusion of love sells even more. My only quibble is that most songs focus on the ideal of a temporary fire and this does not feeds realistic expectations. The truth about what happens after Adam and Eve sit down to eat tons of apples and live happy ever after together, and sometimes not so happy and not so forever, should not remain ignored.

Hope you had enjoyed this entry,


Andre Veloz

9 thoughts on “So Sick of Love Songs.

  1. So true. Falling in love is great, but nobody hangs on to those feelings for more than a few months. There should be songs about romance that has been hanging in there for many years. We need songs about all our emotions, not just love. What about feeling depressed, overjoyed about a new job, hanging out with friends, or a couple breaking up after sharing their lives for 40 years? Life isn’t all about love, is it It is about working hard, being acknowledged, being a good mom or dad, pride in our children and so much more. I hope you write some of these songs, dear friend.


    1. Completely agree with you; the subject worries me as a composer and as a consumer of music because this twisted idea of romance does not helps on the survival or re-building of love. Also, and just like you pointed, there are so many constructive subjects composers can written about.


      1. you should write a song about the ebb and flow of married love, or even a song about two people who find there is no love left in the marriage, but they have too much vested to let go know


    1. I wish! In fact is a pretty good Idea!
      I have being doing my part on writing atypical love songs but never tough of of voicing my concern in one. If I can get to do it successfully I will def. keep you posted on the results!


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