La Fosforera (The Match Striker)

La Fosforera (The Match Striker)

This is a self portrait entitled “Fosforera” which will translate into something like The Match Striker. My aunt baptized me with the nick name after moving to New York because I would never stay put; I was always looking for party while exploring the Big apple.

My restless spirits is still the same, always eager for exploration.

Once a Fosforera always a fosforera.

4 thoughts on “La Fosforera (The Match Striker)

    1. Hola! Is great to read from you! Merry Christmas Mona!. Try doing a self portrait. Let’s get rid of that doubt and see how it would look like! You don’t need to post it or anything just grab a mirror and do it. There is a lot one learns and discovers about oneself when one does a self- portrait


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