Fosforera is another of my “Cositas”, how I like to call my paintings.
This is one of my oldest self-portraits and it was produced after one of my tias called me Fosforera which kind of translates into something like Match striker or match burner… Fire and incendiary related undertones, that is for sure. After I worked on it I borrowed the Fosforera nick name.

In Dominican Republic a woman called Fosforera has a Bad Girl reputation. I don’t really get why people still tag women as good girl or bad girl or Fosforera, specially when the criteria to qualify a bad girl is so ambiguous.
I got called Fosforera for my tireless feet, for being happier than normal and sometimes friendly than the average Newyorker. If that made me a bad girl then I am happy to set the town on fire and embrace the Fosforera in my heart.

7 thoughts on “Fosforera

  1. Hola, I just found your blog was a wonderful surprise! I love the story behind your nickname and how you embrace it for what it means to you. Your art is awesome. Love it 🙂



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