Celia Cruz “La Negra tiene Tumbao”

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One thing is for sure: When I grow up I want to be like my two favorite divas, Ella Fitzgerald and Celia Cruz. Now that I think about it they both have a lot in common (great idea for a future blog)… This particular post is about Celia Cruz.

I was over-thinking Latin music, again. This time my reflection on Musica Latina happened during an interesting conversation with hyper-talented music producer Gordon Williams, also known as “Commissioner”. We talked about Latin Divas and he pointed Celia Cruz as the last authentic Diva of Latin music. Then it hit me, he was right. Celia was and is something else. With a career that spanned over 6 decades, La Guarachera de Cuba showed us what a force of nature she was, how unique and ageless her performances and music could be. Very few musical careers transcend time the way hers did. Very few female…

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