Andre Veloz and Quintet Amargue at the Richmond Folk Festival

Our performance at the Richmond Folk Festival has being beautifully captured by and just wanted to share the joy of such a wonderful yet ephemeral performance. Gracias mil a for making our joy eternal!

O3 Big Picture

RFF from Lee Bridge wm b

Every time I think I’ve sworn off festivals somehow I’m drawn in, that is to photograph. Without a camera I’d be naked and definitely wouldn’t attend. I filmed Grupo Rebolú Friday night and today photographed Amargue Bachata Quintet with Andre Veloz.

Untitled_Panorama domin t fix b


Untitled_Panorama 33 b

DSC_0192 edit b

DSC_0056 edit b

DSC_0107 edit b

DSC_0014 edit 2b

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