About Andre Veloz

In Spanish there is a say: “De musicos, poetas y locos todos tenemos un poco”, this would translate into something like: “We all have a part musician, a part poet and a crazy inside ourselves”… I agree with the say and in my case I believe I was blessed with an extra serving of those three elements (No complaints). If you are blogging chances is very likely that you are in touch with the poet within yourself (checked). Now, when I am not blogging I am a singer and songwriter (musician and crazy, checked as well). With Andre Veloz, the Blog, I will focus on the music portion of my being. Will focus on exploring and expressing my perspectives on music issues that are directly related to being a woman.


Andre Veloz



43 thoughts on “About Andre Veloz

    1. Dear Gerard Villanueva:
      Thank you very much for the kind words, it is really humbling for me. Yes, there is much more music still to come. I will keep you posted. Last but no least, is my pleasure to follow your blog.
      Once again, gracias.


  1. Hi Andre,
    Thanks for following my blog. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂
    I’m not sure about the poet, but I do love music and definitely have some crazy in me. 😉
    I do like a lot of latin music, looking foward to more from you.

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    1. Dear Cougar,
      Sorry for the late reply to your comment. We could not agree more dear friend, passion and music is a great combo! Is like a cocktail to keep the world rolling.
      Big hugs for you.


  2. Hi, Andre!
    Thank you so much for following me on BigBodyBeautiful! I am very much enjoying your blog, too. And, I agree with you. If one is blogging, well, you have been bitten by the creativity bug. Our hearts are free so long as they can sing, write, dance, and praise the self and others. I’m looking forward to exploring more of your blog, my new friend. Hugs, BigLizzy

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  3. Sounds great! I identify with the poet, the musician, and the crazy…doubly blessed too! One of my sons is in graduate school for piano performance, and I feel like I’m living in a concert hall when he comes home on the weekends to practice. We had a family “band” for many years with our kids, and I loved that. I’ll look forward to hearing more about your work. 🙂

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    1. You are really lucky if you have your home filled with live music, It is truly a blessing. Even a bigger blessing is that you have the sensitivity to appreciate and accept their art, their vocation and the fact that to live, to really live one has to have a bit of the magic ingredients: Music, poetry and a hint of crazy.
      In http://www.AndreVeloz.com, under videos I have posted some of things I have done if curious.
      Big hugs from NY.
      Andre Veloz.


    1. Thank you very much for contacting me. I love to read and see all of the interesting things many creative people have to say. Likewise. I appreciated your blog.
      Big hugs
      Andre Veloz


    1. Than you very much. It makes me very glad that you took time to stop by AndreVeloz.com and hear the songs I worked on. There is till much more to come, God willing.
      It’s my pleasure to follow your blog and I am very grateful for the support you are showing to mine.
      Muchisimas gracias.
      Muchos abrazos.


    1. My dear Petrel41,
      Thank you very very much for the nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. Just the fact that you took your time to nominate me is a price, a great award itself, I accept your nomination very humbly and will work hard to keep up the versatility.
      Thanks a lot!


  4. What an awesome saying….“De musicos, poetas y locos todos tenemos un poco” There is always music in my home and some kind of creative thing happening. Never a dull moment I always say! Best wishes and much success to you! Be well, Koko:)


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