Andre Veloz roars again

There She Roars Again

2016 has brought plenty of good news for singer/songwriter Andre Veloz, from Bachatear at Carnegie Hall to an artistic residence in Tilila Sundays Bar and Grill and features in publications such as Revista, the Harvard Review of Latin America, an interview in “La Galería” E-zine and, more recently, “Andre Veloz shows bachata’s not just for the boys,” for the New York Daily News.

This time, Andre Veloz launches into another male dominated terrain: travel cuisine TV. Like bachata, this is mostly uncharted territory for women. The St. Croix-born Dominican singer will guide celebrity chef and globetrotter Andrew Zimmern for an episode of Bizarre Foods in The Bronx.

Andre resides in the Bronx since 2004 and is a proud representative of the borough. She will take Zimmern on a culinary journey that includes popular Dominican “bandera” (rice, beans and meat) in a pool hall, as well as gizzards with green bananas in a local fritura shop.

“I’m proud of being part of The Bronx. I advocate for my Bronx, the poorest borough in New York City. That’s why I enjoy showing people the true Bronx, a place full of diversity which more than a million hardworking men and women call home. It’s far from the awful Bronx cliché that Hollywood has sold.”

BIZARRE FOODS: THE BRONX, with Andrew Zimmern, will air on The Travel Channel 7/12 at 9 PM. Come join us for a viewing party at The Bronx Beer Hall at 8 PM. Open to the public. Drink specials all night. 2344 Arthur Ave, The Bronx, NY.

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